Various Residential Air Cleaners You Could Invest In

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Your home is supposed to be your safe haven. Not only is it a place to rest and relax, but it is also a place to get away from all the pollutants that are outside. However, over the years, indoor air quality has steadily been decreasing. This has led to an increase in the demand for air cleaners. The process of selecting a suitable air cleaner is not just about finding the cheapest one available. You would have to factor in the needs of your home so you can make a knowledgeable decision on what would work most efficiently. The following are some of the various residential air cleaners you could invest in.

Ultraviolet Air Cleaners

Most people tend to aware of UV rays as something from the sun that should be avoided. Nevertheless, this same ultraviolet light can be quite effective in ensuring that the air in your home is purified. These types of cleaners will make use of electromagnetic radiation to terminate bacteria and a host of other pathogens that could be floating in your indoor air. They are a suitable alternative to homeowners who are looking for an air cleaner that will handle air quality problems causes by mould, viruses and more. It should be noted though that ultraviolet air cleaners are only adept at eliminating microscopic matter. They would not be able to rid your indoor air of particulate matter such as pollen, dust mites and other allergens.

Ionic air cleaners

These types of air cleaners will operate using ion generators. The function of the ion generator is to release a constant supply of negatively charged ions. As the ions are released into your indoor air, they begin to attract particulate matter in the air that may be in the form of dust, pollen and more. This is because the particulate matter will have a positive charge, which makes them gravitate toward the negatively charged ions. As the particulate matter keeps bonding with negatively charged ions, the particles eventually become too heavy to float in your air. This makes them drop onto your floor, making them hard to be inhaled by the inhabitants of your home. One little known function of ionic air cleaners is that they are also efficient at eliminating second hand smoke from the air. It should be noted that having an ionic air cleaner would require you to sweep off the particulate matter off the floor on a regular basis.