Light It Up: Four Simple and Easy Options for Illuminating a Laundry or Storage Room That Doesn't Have an Overhead Light

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Unfortunately, if you have a laundry, utility or storage room that doesn't have an overhead light, then you need a safe, convenient and relatively inexpensive way to illuminate it. Luckily, there are multiple ways to illuminate these spaces without dealing with wiring and overhead lighting. Here are several options you can explore:

1. Push-On Light

Often used in closets, caravans or other small spaces, a push-on light is a small bulb, powered by batteries and housed in a dome shaped plastic case. The light comes on when you push on the dome. Using adhesive, you can stick on of these lights just inside the doorway of your laundry or storage room, making it easy to light up the room when you enter.

However, the downside of these lights is that they are not that bright, and you may need to use several to fully illuminate medium size rooms. Additionally, they require batteries.

2. 10w Rechargeable Portable LED Work Light

If you want more illumination, try a 10w rechargeable portable LED work light from a company like Creative Lighting Solutions Aust Pty Ltd. Simply mount this light to the wall near the door, with its charger near an outlet so you can easily recharge its battery as needed.

Designed for use while working in outside or in dark conditions, these lights will give you all the light you need to search for boxes, work on your water heater or do laundry, and mounting one of these portable lights to the wall is infinitely easier than trying to wire in an overhead light.

3. Floor Lamp

A small floor lamp doesn't provide the flooding light of a work light, but if you want a soft glow for your small room, it works perfectly. Simply position the floor lamp near the door to make it easy to turn on when you walk in the room.

If you want the feeling of overhead lighting, opt for a floor lamp with an upturned bowl shade that casts the light upward. If you prefer task lighting, opt for a floor lamp with several bulbs, each attached to their own adjustable arms so you can direct multiple streams of light where you need it the most.

4. Hanging Lamp

Finally, you can buy lamps on chains. To install them, you need a hook on the ceiling that can support the lamp as well as an additional hook near the wall that can hold the chain as it falls, with the cord, to the outlet.